In many drunk driving accident cases, victims suffer incredibly serious injuries that they must learn to deal with on a day-to-day basis. For one 10-year-old boy in Texas, a drunk driving car accident left him without a leg.

The accident occurred in June 2013. The boy and his mother were parked on the side of the road when a vehicle driven by a 48-year-old man struck the boy and the vehicle. The impact of the accident almost severed the boy’s leg. Even though the boy was flown to the hospital, doctors could not save his leg.

In August, the driver was found guilty of two counts of failure to stop and render aid, one count of intoxicated assault and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The man had left the boy lying in the middle of road as he fled the accident scene. He was later arrested and his blood alcohol content was measured at .22 percent.

The jurors that heard the case wanted the man to get a sentence of 10 years in prison. The form that they filed out, though, was completed incorrectly. The judge refused to allow the jury to correct their mistake and sentenced the man to 10 years of community supervision. That was what the jury had indicated on the form. The judge denied the prosecutor’s motion for a new trial.

In many cases, seeing justice served in a criminal court for a drunk driving accident helps with closure. However, a civil case can help with the financial aspects of such an accident. When someone is held liable for medical expenses, pain and suffering, permanent disability and more in civil court, it allows the victim and his or her family to have the financial stability to move forward.

Source:, “KCBD Investigations: In Pursuit of Justice” Shaley Sanders, Oct. 07, 2014