Work with a Taylor personal injury lawyer that you can rely on and trust by turning to the Levine Law Firm. As a small, yet experienced and skilled, law firm, we provide you with the personal service that you and your case deserve.

Jeremy Levine is our personal injury lawyer in Taylor TX, and he brings over 20 years of experience as a practicing attorney to the table. He is accompanied by his support staff and, together, they provide highly effective legal counsel for men and women who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.


Are you injured? Don’t know where to turn?

Being injured in any sort of accident can leave you feeling:

  • Scared: Most people don’t know their legal options in the aftermath of an accident. They aren’t sure whether they can file a lawsuit or if the insurance company is treating them fairly. With Mr. Levine as your Taylor personal injury lawyer, you will have expert guidance the entire way.
  • Angry: Why should you be left to deal with effects of an accident when you aren’t even the one that caused it? A lot of folks are looking for justice in their case — they want to identify the person or party who was legally responsible for their accident.
  • Broke: Injurious accidents can come with some major expenses — from short-term medical care (i.e. ambulance ride, hospital stay, etc.) to long-term treatment (i.e. therapy, medication, etc.) you shouldn’t be left to pay for the financial fallout of an accident that you didn’t cause. As your personal injury lawyer in Taylor, we work to recover the necessary compensation.

The Levine Law Firm specializes in working in all different practice areas — car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, property liability cases, dog attacks and much more.


Connect with a personal injury lawyer in Taylor TX

If you have been injured and you feel that someone else is to blame for the incident, then don’t hesitate to connect with the leading Taylor personal injury lawyer. Talk to the Levine Law Firm and arrange a free consultation with our team.