As a long-time Taylor construction accident lawyer, Jeremy Levine of the Levine Law Firm has seen many men and women who have been injured on the job site. These injuries have ranged from traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries to relatively mild cases of sprains, strains and pulled muscles.

As your Taylor construction accident attorney, Mr. Levine will work on your behalf to secure the compensation you need to cover your medical bills and prop you up financially in the event you are unable to work.

Whether our team helps you navigate the often-complex workers compensation system or we file a lawsuit on your behalf, you can trust that you have a leading construction accident lawyer in Taylor TX in your corner.


What to remember while working on a construction site

As a truly experienced Taylor construction accident lawyer, Mr. Levine would like to remind you to take some of the following precautions while on the job in the construction industry.

  • For starters, always be aware of the hazards that surround you — from the potential for falling objects to large machines that are capable of crushing you.
  • Utilize all safety equipment that is provided to you. This can be a hard hat, lifting belt, safety goggles and more. You need to take every precaution to help you avoid injuries of all kinds.
  • If you have been injured on the job, report the mishap to your superiors and seek the necessary medical attention. Before speaking with anyone at length about the accident, contact a trusted construction accident attorney in Taylor TX. This is a professional that will look out for your best interests.

A Taylor construction accident attorney is a great ally to have when your employer fails to adequately protect you while you’re on the job.

Contact Jeremy Levine, a leading Taylor construction accident lawyer, in the event you are injured in the line of duty.