One Texas police officer was killed and another critically injured in an accident while both were off-duty. The two were returning from a hunting trip when they attempted to assist other individuals involved in an accident on an interstate highway. Unfortunately, a semi-truck then collided with the parked vehicles on the side of the road and the two officers were caught up in the crash. Four other individuals were also injured in the truck accident.

The police officer that survived the crash was air-lifted from the scene to the hospital and was listed in critical condition. There were a number of vehicles along the side of the road before the crash. The driver of the semi-truck may not have been able to see anyone along the side of the road until the last moment when it was too late to prevent the truck from crashing into a number of vehicles. One driver described the semi-truck as “barreling down the road” and noted that the brakes were probably not applied until vehicles had already been struck.

The interstate apparently was closed for a number of hours as emergency personnel attempted to deal with what occurred. The driver of the semi-truck was also taken by ambulance to a nearby medical center.

Though law enforcement officers will do all that they can to find out what occurred, they do not always have the resources to look into such an incident to find out what occurred. Such a crash will require a thorough investigation. Personal injury attorneys often have the resources to conduct such an investigation and find out precisely what did happen.

Semi-truck accidents differ from those involving other motor vehicle accidents in that a big-rig truck can cause a great deal more damage. These trucks are also more difficult to maneuver or bring to a stop in an emergency situation. In any case, truck drivers and their employers need to take extra care when it comes to the operation and maintenance of these vehicles.

Source: Police One, “Texas officer killed helping accident victims on roadside,” by Sean Batura, July 9, 2013