In a study of zipline injuries, researchers found that, from 1997 through 2012, U.S. emergency departments treated about 16,850 injuries related to zipline use. In fact, 3,600 zipline injuries were treated in 2012 alone, coming to an average of 10 a day.

The rise in the number of these accidents is partly due to the increased popularity of ziplining. In addition to amateur ziplines used in back yards, education programs and camps, the number of commercial zipline companies has increased in recent years.

While ziplining may be more popular now than ever before, negligence on the part of zipline owners and operators has also factored into the dramatic increase in personal injuries.

If you have been injured in a zipline accident in Texas, then don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation. An attorney can explain your legal options for obtaining compensation.

Serious Injuries Caused By Zipline Accidents

A study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine outlined the types of injuries people tend to suffer in zipline accidents. Broken bones were by far the most common, followed by bruises, strains/sprains and concussions/closed head injuries.

Of the reported zipline injuries covered in the study, 77 percent were due to falls, and 13 percent were due to collisions with trees or other structures.

The reality is that these accidents can leave victims with long-term medical problems, and victims deserve compensation for their injuries.

Proper Safety Precautions Are Crucial

Like other potentially dangerous kinds of recreation, ziplining requires preparation, proper equipment and use of technique in order to be safe. An owner or operator may be held legally accountable if a personal injury results because of any of the following:

  • Failure to provide appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets, harnesses, gloves and a fall protection system
  • Failure to provide proper training for staff and customers
  • Failure to ensure that the zipline tower, including the ladder, is safe and secure
  • Failure to ensure that the path of the zipline is free of obstructions

While it may seem obvious that another party’s negligence resulted in an injury, proving negligence under the law requires legal knowledge and skill, and accident victims are encouraged to speak with a personal injury lawyer in order to pursue compensation for medical bills and other costs resulting from the accident.

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