When you’re driving down one of our Texas roads, you likely don’t imagine that you’ll be involved in a fiery car accident. However, that’s what almost happened to members of the country music group Shenandoah on June 7.

The musicians were in their tour bus heading east on Interstate 10. They had just finished up a show in Strafford, Texas, near Houston. According to a spokesman for the group, the tour bus was sideswiped by a vehicle. A moment later, an explosion occurred in front of the bus. The tour bus went through a huge fireball after a fuel tank exploded. The tank was being carried by a vehicle.

Another vehicle involved in the crash had two people inside who needed medical treatment. The extent of their injuries, as well as the victims’ gender or age, was not reported.

The car accident was caused by the driver of a pickup truck whom the Texas Department of Public Safety believes was intoxicated. According to police, there will be charges filed against the at-fault driver. It is not known if the alleged drunk driver was injured.

Drunk drivers pose a significant hazard to others. Some intoxicated drivers believe that they are sober enough to drive without causing an accident. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much alcohol for someone’s reflexes or coordination to be impacted.

Victims of drunk driving accidents have a right to pursue compensation in civil court for their injuries and losses. A civil lawsuit for personal injury does not require that the drunk driver be charged criminally; however, it can help strengthen a civil case.

Source: Brampton Guardian, “Shenandoah just misses fiery crash in Texas” No author given, Jun. 09, 2014