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Risk Institute provides insight on distracted driving trends

Residents of Texas should know that a nationwide effort by The Risk Institute at Ohio State University is underway to study and reduce distracted driving. It has enlisted the help of companies, researchers and government entities. In coordination with the observance of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which is every April, The Risk Institute has released the findings of some of its studies.

AAA warns against drowsy driving after daylight saving time

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is cautioning drivers about the effects of losing one hour of sleep in the wake of daylight saving time. In Texas, as elsewhere, many accidents arise because drivers do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night. AAA states that missing one or two hours in a 24-hour period can actually double a driver's risk for getting into an accident.

Opioid abuse and fatal car crashes

A recent U.S. study illuminated some noteworthy facts about two-car car crashes that lead to fatalities. The study showed how this nation's opioid epidemic is having far-reaching consequences. According to the study, at-fault drivers were twice as likely to test positive for opioids than their victims. Failure to stay in the proper lane was the most common deadly error committed by drugged drivers. Because each avoidable fatal crash creates enormous expense for society, public officials have little choice but to vigorously address the ongoing epidemic of drugged driving.

The most common causes of car accidents

A wide range of factors can cause car accidents in Texas. Both human error and conditions out of the control of drivers contribute to the problem. There are, however, a few causes of accidents that account for most incidents. The reason why it's important to find out the cause of accidents is to determine who is at fault. A person, or company, at fault could be held liable for the damages incurred by victims. They may also be held criminally responsible in certain cases.

How phone usage among drivers is becoming more dangerous

More and more drivers in Texas may be using their cellphones in unsafe ways. According to observational surveys by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted in 2014 and 2018, drivers were 57 percent more likely to be spotted in 2018 using phones to text or in other ways that did not involve talking to someone. However, drivers in 2014 were more likely to make calls while behind the wheel.

Drowsiness a safety risk among ridesharing drivers

Compelled by low fare and salary incentives, many ridesharing drivers in Texas choose to overwork themselves, becoming sleep-deprived in the process. This can especially make them dangerous behind the wheel in the early morning and late at night. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine issued a position statement back in April 2018 regarding this widespread problem.

Seat belts lower risk of severe liver trauma in crashes

Texas readers know that seat belts save lives, but they might not be aware that they can also save livers. According to a recent study, seat belts can lessen the severity of liver injuries in car crashes, which helps lower medical expenses and reduce the chances of complications.

WHO releases annual global traffic fatality report

Car accidents in Texas and around the nation claim tens of thousands of lives each year, but the roads in many other countries are even more dangerous according to a study released by the World Health Organization on Dec. 7. The latest Global Status Report on Road Safety reveals that motor vehicle accidents are now the world's eighth most common cause of death and the leading cause of death for children and adults under the age of 30.

Distracted driving is so much more than just texting

When we hear the phrase "distracted driving," we likely think of a driver looking down at his or her phone, reading or sending a text message. While a large portion of distracted drivers are indeed texting, there are many other activities that can be just as distracting - and just as dangerous - that don't involve text messaging.

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