By working with a qualified Marble Falls serious head injury attorney, you are able to address the unique nature of these types of injuries. Head injuries can stick with a person for their entire lives, meaning, if you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, then they should be responsible to compensate you in a way that covers your financial needs now, and moving into the future.

The Levine Law Firm is a proud Marble Falls serious head injury lawyer that works with men and women who have sustained injuries of this nature. Whether they suffered a blow to the head in an auto accident or slipped and fell at a public facility, we want to make sure our clients get the medical treatment they need, while working to recover compensation they are owed.


About the special nature of head injuries

Unlike a broken bone, strain or sprain, head injuries are unique. As a long-time serious head injury lawyer in Marble Falls TX, we want to remind you that these injuries can be:

  • Delayed in their symptoms: If you have suffered a serious head injury, your symptoms might not fully develop until later. That’s why it’s important to connect with a caring Marble Falls serious head injury attorney and seek a full evaluation of your injuries.
  • Life changing: From dizziness and blurred vision to migraines and more — traumatic brain injuries can have a lasting effect that hinders your ability to work or tend to other day-to-day needs. As your serious head injury attorney in Marble Falls TX, we take this into account.

As your Marble Falls serious head injury lawyer, we want to make sure that, first, you receive the medical attention you need to diagnose the severity of your injury and receive the proper treatment. We can also help you defer your medical bills so you don’t have to pay for them out of pocket.

From there, our Marble Falls serious head injury attorney staff will go to work identifying the responsible person or party and hold them accountable. We’re ready to get to work for you. Contact us right now.