Welcome to the Levine Law Firm, where our team is ready to serve as your Marble Falls fatal accident lawyer in the event you lose a loved one due to the negligence of another person or party.

Jeremy Levine and his support team at the Levine Law Firm have extensive experience working with men and women who have lost family members due to such instances as auto accidents, workplace accidents, bicycle/pedestrian accidents and more.

As your Marble Falls fatal accident attorney, we know what you’re going through — not only are you missing out on the companionship and support of your lost loved one, but you can also be facing financial fallout that is putting a strain on you and your family. That’s when a qualified fatal accident lawyer in Marble Falls TX becomes essential.


A fatal accident attorney in Marble Falls TX that will fight for compensation

When you lose a loved one in an accident, you could be facing such financial issues as unexpected expenses (end-of-life expenses, medical bills, etc.), time spent away from work, loss of income and more. Why should you be left to suffer in dire financial straits when someone else caused the accident?

As your Marble Falls fatal accident lawyer, the Levine Law Firm will work tirelessly to prove the other person or party’s negligence and then work on your behalf to strike a fair settlement with the insurance company.

When a settlement cannot be reached, we’ll fight the matter in court. Mr. Levine is a Marble Falls fatal accident attorney that isn’t afraid to litigate if it means recovering the compensation you deserve.

It’s always unfortunate when men and women need the assistance of a Marble Falls fatal accident lawyer. But, if you ever find yourself in this position, the Levine Law Firm would be proud to work on your behalf and make sure justice is served.