If you are looking for Marble Falls dog bite attorneys that have a specialization in this rather specific area of personal injury law, then consult with the team here at the Levine Law Firm.

As your Marble Falls dog attack attorneys, our firm will make sure that you not only get the medical attention you require to recover from injuries stemming from the incident but that you are also able to retrieve compensation from the negligent pet owner and their insurance company.


Trusted Marble Falls dog bite lawyers

The Levine Law Firm has positioned itself as one of the leading Marble Falls dog attack lawyers. We have worked with a long list of men and women who have been attacked by dogs on private, public and sometimes even their own property.

As your dog bite attorneys in Marble Falls TX, we’ll go to work collecting information that proves the incident did occur and we will highlight the negligence on behalf of the pet owner. We are careful to cover all of our bases in scenarios such as this. This means that, as your dog attack lawyers in Marble Falls TX, the Levine Law Firm can:

  • Examine the vaccination history of the pet for your own health concerns
  • Ask that the animal be quarantined
  • Scrutinize the pet’s behavioral history
  • And more

Marble Falls dog bite attorneys are not just helping their own clients in instances like these — they are protecting the community at large, shielding them from a potential threat in a negligent pet owner and their unpredictable canine.


Get started with one of the best Marble Falls dog attack attorneys

Just because you may have been petting a dog, or otherwise interacting with it, doesn’t mean you should take the blame for a bite or attack. With the right Marble Falls dog bite attorneys in your corner, you can seek the compensation that you deserve.