Attention local construction workers: Don’t let an accident on the job impact your life for the worst — connect with a Marble Falls construction accident lawyer and learn about your legal rights.

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  • A specialization in this area of personal injury law. As your Marble Falls construction accident lawyer, Mr. Levine will flex his extensive knowledge of both the construction industry and workplace injury law in general. Whether dealing with the workers’ compensation process or filing an outside lawsuit, Mr. Levine can expertly navigate the needs of your case.

When you find yourself in need of a qualified Marble Falls construction accident attorney, start by consulting with our staff. We allow for free, no-obligation case evaluations so that you can receive the insight you need for your case.

Injuries on a construction site can leave you facing steep medical bills while keeping you away from work. Don’t take this financial hit if you don’t have to. Team with the Levine Law Firm and, as your Marble Falls construction accident lawyer, we will pursue the compensation that you need and deserve.