With the beautiful weather in our local community, taking a stroll throughout town can be enticing, but if you are ever injured due to the negligence of a motorist while you’re out and about, it’s important to quickly consult with a trusted Manor pedestrian injury lawyer.

These types of accidents arise when traditional motorists fail to pay attention to the foot traffic around them. Pedestrians have rights to use the road and surrounding areas just like cars do — and those rights should be protected.


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The Levine Law Firm is home to Jeremy Levine, the lone attorney on our staff. He is a savvy pedestrian injury lawyer in Manor TX that has found consistent success with these types of cases.

With Mr. Levine as your Manor pedestrian injury lawyer, our team will work hard to pinpoint who or what was responsible for your accident, assess the severity of your injuries and work with the insurance companies to strike a fair settlement on compensation.

It’s important to lean on Manor pedestrian injury attorneys during this process — insurance companies and similar entities might act like they’re working in your best interests, but they’re really not. You need someone that will go to bat for you — and only you.


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Instead of shopping around for pedestrian injury attorneys in Manor TX, hoping to find one that will actually back up their promises to you, start by consulting with the Levine Law Firm. With this free, no-obligation session, you are able to get knowledge and insight into your case so that you can make informed decisions on how to proceed.

See for yourself why Jeremy Levine is often hailed as the leading Manor pedestrian injury lawyer. Contact the Levine Law Firm for your free appointment.