Having worked alongside a variety of injured construction workers, our team at the Levine Law Firm is proud to serve the local community as a Manor construction accident lawyer.

We greatly admire the work that these professionals do on a daily basis to build up and develop our local area. Men and women of the construction industry are some of the hardest working folks out there. Unfortunately, this is also a dangerous profession that often leads to serious, life-changing injuries.

If you have been injured on a construction site, you can consult with the Levine Law Firm as your Manor construction accident attorney. We will collect some information about the accident and investigate the matter ourselves.

As your construction accident lawyer in Manor TX, we will dig to determine who or what was responsible for the accident and work hard to recover compensation to help you cover your post-accident needs.


A construction accident attorney in Manor TX that holds employers accountable

Employers in this field of work need to be diligent about protecting their workers. Often times, construction companies cut safety corners in the name of profit — and employees are left to pay the price with their health and well being.

As a long-time Manor construction accident lawyer, the Levine Law Firm will not let grossly negligent employers or their insurance companies off the hook when they gamble with your livelihood. We’re a Manor construction accident attorney that will advocate for you on the heels of an injurious accident.


Tell us the details of your case

Our Manor construction accident lawyer staff would be happy to sit down, dig through the details of your situation and lay out a blueprint on how you can proceed. We want to get you back on the path to recovery as quickly as possible.