The motorist did not see you as he was turning — now you are injured and need help deciding on the right Manor bicycle accident attorneys. You may have suffered serious injuries in your crash — anything from soft-tissue damage to broken bones, neck and back problems or even dental work if your face was impacted in the wreck.

You are already dealing with a great deal of pain and distress. Why add to that stress by trying to represent yourself in court? At Levine Law Firm, we know that having the right Manor bicycle accident lawyers can mean the difference between sustained financial solvency and having to take money out of your savings to pay for your medical costs. You deserve the best Manor bike accident attorneys — you deserve Jeremy Levine and his staff.


A strong case history matters when it comes to Manor bicycle accident attorneys

Not all bike accident attorneys in Manor TX are created equally. In fact, few have the same reputation and track record as our lead attorney, Jeremy Levine, who has litigated hundreds of cases. Levine has set a strong precedent of success among bike accident lawyers in Manor TX – he gets his clients the financial compensation they need and deserve. Just consider that hiring the right Manor bicycle accident lawyers means that you could recover damages for:

  • Short-term, immediate medical costs
  • Longer-term medical costs including equipment and ongoing nursing care
  • Lost or damaged property
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Emotional distress, including PTSD and related disorders
  • And a variety of other claims

Instead of simply taking what the insurance company is offering, why not work with Manor bicycle accident attorneys to maximize your take-home settlement? The Levine Law Firm can help you get started today – contact us to set up a free, no-obligation consultation appointment.