Authorities have recovered the body of a man in the Brazos River close to Clute, Texas; it is thought to be that of a missing 43-year-old man. The missing man stopped to offer aid to an accident victim on the Brazos River bridge when he was struck by an alleged drunk driver and flung into the river.

The location where the body was found is almost 60 miles from where the accident occurred. The man had just picked up dinner for his family and was returning home when an accident on the bridge made him stop and offer assistance. Before authorities could arrive at the accident scene, another vehicle, driven by a 30-year-old man, crashed into the original accident and the man providing assistance.

The driver was arrested and is now facing charges of driving while intoxicated. The exact charges the man might face if the body found is indeed the Good Samaritan are not yet known. A spokesman for the police said that if the 43-year-old man was found deceased, the 30-year-old man’s charges could change.

When someone is injured or dies because of a drunk driver, he or she will likely face criminal charges. However, the victim or his or her family may also seek to receive compensation for medical expenses, end of life expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Understanding how such a civil case would proceed is important and an experienced personal injury attorney can provide both guidance and knowledge. No one deserves to lose a family member or be severely injured because someone decided to drink and drive.

Source: The American Bazaar, “Missing Indian American IT professional Puneet Nehra’s body found in Texas,” Raif Karerat, May. 11, 2015