When a pedestrian is struck by a car, there is a strong chance that he or she will suffer serious, possibly even fatal, injuries. When a driver flees from the accident scene, the pedestrian might not receive the prompt medical care that he or she would have received if the driver had stayed and gotten help.

In Austin, Texas, recently, a man was struck by a vehicle while he was crossing East 6th Street. The police affidavit for the driver’s charges said that the victim said that no headlights were on when he was hit. He flew up onto the hood of the vehicle and smashed into the windshield.

According to a witness who chased after the vehicle as it sped away, the driver was a white female with colored or dyed hair. The witness was also able to give police the license plate number of the vehicle and a description of it.

Police reported that they found the driver, still sitting in her vehicle, at her home. The engine was on according to police. In addition, police said that there was damage to the hood and the windshield that was consistent with the accident. The driver refused to speak with police about the accident. She is now facing intoxication assault charges.

The victim suffered possible broken legs and a broken right shoulder.

When another person’s negligence is responsible for injuries in a car accident, the victims may choose to seek compensation from the insurance companies or through court. A Texas attorney can help in both instances, ensuring that the compensation received is fair from the insurance company or through the court.

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