When you have been injured on the job, and no one seems like they’re looking out for your best interests, Lago Vista work accident attorneys can be a breath of fresh air. Finding the right attorney to take on your case means having legal knowledge and experience in your corner to handle the ensuing legal matters.

That’s exactly what you get when you make the Levine Law Firm your Lago Vista work accident lawyers. Our team has decades of combined experience working with men and women who have been injured while on the job and need compensation to cover their medical expenses and serve as an income while they are sidelined from work.


Consult with one of the leading work accident attorneys in Lago Vista

The Levine Law Firm is headed up by Jeremy Levine, a practicing attorney of over 20 years. As one of the most trustworthy work accident lawyers in Lago Vista, Mr. Levine will take the time to hear about your recent accident and plot out the various avenues that are currently available to you.

As your Lago Vista work accident attorneys, the Levine Law Firm can help you seek workers’ compensation through your company’s workers’ compensation insurance policy or file a separate lawsuit to hold a negligent employer accountable.


We know what your case is worth — we don’t settle for less!

When it comes to placing a value on a case, Lago Vista work accident lawyers need to take many factors into consideration — from the amount of time you missed from work to your long-term medical needs.

Mr. Levine is diligent in this process and knows the level of compensation you need to get by. With this knowledge, we work with the insurance companies to strike a fair settlement in your case. If they refuse to provide the needed compensation, we can bring the matter to court.

As an employee, you have rights in the event you are injured in a workplace accident. As your Lago Vista work accident attorneys, the Levine Law Firm will make sure these rights are not trampled upon.