Traumatic brain injuries can lead to a lifetime of hardship and obstacles, which is why, if you sustain one of these injuries in an accident, you should seek the helpful guidance of a proven Lago Vista serious head injury attorney.

The Levine Law Firm is home to practicing attorney Jeremy Levine. With his over 20 years of experience as an attorney, he has the knowledge and experience to analyze the life-long ramifications of head injuries and seek appropriate compensation from the negligent parties that contributed to the accident.


An experienced, compassionate Lago Vista serious head injury lawyer

As a long time serious head injury attorney in Lago Vista, Mr. Levine has worked with men and women that have suffered these types of injuries stemming from a variety of instances, including:

  • Auto accidents: From car accidents to motorcycle and even pedestrian accidents — head injuries can often result. As your serious head injury lawyer in Lago Vista, Mr. Levine will work hard to prove who was legally responsible for the incident and then place a dollar value that adequately sums up your level of injury and hardship.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents: These are some of the most common forms of premises liability cases. When a property owner fails to address a slick surface and you fall and hit your head as a result, they should be responsible to pay for your medical needs and general pain and suffering. We’re a Lago Vista serious head injury attorney that will fight to make sure that happens.
  • Accidents on the job: Whether you’re on a construction site and a heavy object falls on your head or your work takes you to a factory, where there are a variety of other hazards, accidents on the job can often lead to significant head injures. As your Lago Vista serious head injury lawyer, we’ll make sure your employer is held accountable and that you’re compensated.

Head injuries can require immediate medical care, long-term treatments, medication and more. Why should you have to pay for all that when someone else caused your injuries? As your Lago Vista serious head injury attorney, the Levine Law Firm will work hard to help you get the compensation you are rightfully owed.