The Levine Law Firm serves as a Lago Vista pedestrian injury lawyer that strives to make our community a safer one for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

Pedestrian accidents can often levy serious, life-changing injuries. When a vehicle and a pedestrian collide, the results can be devastating. Often, too, these accidents are prompted by the negligence of a motorist, who acts with disregard for pedestrians.

As long-time Lago Vista pedestrian injury attorneys, we work to hold these negligent parties accountable and help injured men and women seek the compensation that they need to cover the expenses that stem from such accidents.


Were you injured in a pedestrian accident?

As your pedestrian injury lawyer in Lago Vista, our team will be methodical about laying out your options and guiding your way through the ensuing legal process. That means:

  • Carefully investigating the accident and tracing blame to the negligent people and parties.
  • Building a strong case on your behalf. This means our pedestrian injury attorneys in Lago Vista will document the accident, pull the accident report, interview witnesses and more.
  • This information helps us in negotiating with the insurance company. As your Lago Vista pedestrian injury lawyer, we refuse to accept low-ball settlement offers. Instead, we seek to maximize the compensation that you are rightfully owed.
  • All the while, our Lago Vista pedestrian injury attorneys make sure you are cared for while we tend to your case. That means ensuring you receive all the necessary medical treatment and addressing any logistical problems that might throw a wrench in your everyday life.

Victims turn to us as their Lago Vista pedestrian injury lawyer because we provide them with a superior level of care and attention. That’s something these folks need at such a difficult time in their lives. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t’ hesitate to contact us.