The Levine Law Firm serves as Lago Vista dog bite attorneys that will hold negligent dog owners accountable when their pet bites or attacks you, causing significant injuries.

You might be surprised at how common of an occurrence this is. Unfortunately, dogs, while most people love them, are still unpredictable animals. If they are startled or feel threatened, they are liable to lash out. As your Lago Vista dog attack attorneys, the Levine Law Firm can investigate your incident to confirm an attack occurred, identify the dog’s owner and make sure that you did not purposely prompt the incident.


Lago Vista dog bite lawyers that can help you recover compensation

Dog bites can lead to some pretty significant injuries. As long-time Lago Vista dog attack lawyers, the Levine Law Firm has worked with men and women that suffered some of the following conditions.

  • Deep lacerations: In many cases, stitches are required to repair the damage left behind by a dog. It’s important to work with dog bite attorneys in Lago Vista that will pursue compensation to cover these expenses in addition to seeking punitive damages.
  • Diseases/infections: Any animal bite is liable to become infected due to the bacteria found in the animal’s mouth. This can require significant medical attention, which your Lago Vista dog bite attorneys should take into account when calculating fair compensation.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder: Not all resulting injuries or hardships are physical. As Lago Vista dog attack attorneys, the team at the Levine Law Firm has seen traumatic attacks turn into cases of PTSD, where the victim becomes deathly afraid of dogs, or to even go outside in general.

The Levine Law Firm are dog attack lawyers in Lago Vista that want to help you recover – and part of doing that is getting you the compensation you need to pay for expenses.

If a dog has lashed out at you, and the incident resulted in injuries, the Levine Law Firm is ready to serve as your Lago Vista dog bite attorneys.