Protect your legal rights when you are injured on the job by consulting with a qualified Lago Vista construction accident lawyer.

Hazards come with just about any job, however, men and women of the construction industry face a higher level of danger every day on the job site. This makes it very important for employers to provide their workers with necessary training and protection in an effort to keep them safe.

The Levine Law Firm is a trusted Lago Vista construction accident attorney that works specifically with men and women of this industry, who are injured in the line of duty. Injuries on the job site can range including:

  • Crushed or pinned by heavy objects: Heavy equipment and materials abound on construction sites. Significant injury or even death can amount from being crushed or pinned by these objects.
  • Electrocutions or burns: Many construction workers are surrounded by electrical wiring — some work with it directly. As your construction accident lawyer in Lago Vista, we can help you take legal action if you are electrocuted as a result.
  • Falling from heights: As long-time construction accident attorney in Lago Vista, we have worked with many men and women who have fallen from heights on the job site. This can result in broken bones or even worse.
  • Overexertion: Even something as seemingly benign as overexertion can lead to serious and persisting pain and suffering. Our Lago Vista construction accident lawyer can help when sprains, strains or other issues keep you sidelined from work.

Working with a seasoned Lago Vista construction accident attorney is important because, without an attorney, no one is truly looking out for your best interests. Businesses are designed to make money — they’re not going to willfully give it away to cover your medical needs and other expenses.

The Levine Law Firm wants to make sure you are treated fairly in the aftermath of your worksite injury. Consult with our Lago Vista construction accident lawyer staff and tell us about your situation.