Get important information and insight following the accidental death of a loved one by consulting with an experienced, knowledgeable Kyle fatal accident lawyer.

Here at the Levine Law Firm, we invite you to meet with our team and tell us about your situation. With Jeremy Levine as our Kyle fatal accident attorney, we can provide you with information on how to move forward with holding negligent parties accountable for their role in the deadly incident and recovering compensation you are entitled to.


A truly compassionate fatal accident lawyer in Kyle TX

As a longtime fatal accident attorney in Kyle TX, Mr. Levine has worked with folks who were truly at one of the lowest points in their lives. Losing a loved one in a sudden, accidental fashion can leave significant emotional and psychological scarring.

As your Kyle fatal accident lawyer, Mr. Levine wants to work for you to help bring closure to the situation. This means:

  • Identifying negligent parties and holding them accountable through the civil justice system. While criminal courts handle criminal charges, your Kyle fatal accident lawyer can also hit them where it hurts — their wallets.
  • Recovering compensation needed to address the fallout of the incident. The death of a loved one can mean loss of income, end of life expenses and even medical treatment administered before death. As your Kyle fatal accident attorney, Mr. Levine knows that no amount of money will bring your loved on back, but recovering compensation is a way to return to solid financial footing following such a tragic incident.

We stand up for our clients, even when others are trying to minimize their losses. Mr. Levine is ready to put his decades of experience and knowledge to work for you as your Kyle fatal accident lawyer. Contact our team and set up a free consultation appointment.