Auto accidents come in all forms — from fender benders that result in minor injuries to catastrophic collisions — and you need Kyle car accident attorneys that can provide you with the help you need following an incident.

Here at the Levine Law Firm, we have proudly served as Kyle car accident lawyers for a whole host of men and women. Regardless of the extent of their injuries, we have provided personal, dedicated attention to help them get fair treatment from negligent parties and the insurance companies.


Meet one of the leading car accident attorneys in Kyle TX

Jeremy Levine is at the helm of the Levine Law Firm. As one of the top car accident lawyers in Kyle TX, Mr. Levine not only brings decades of experience to the table, but he has a reputation for excellence amongst former clients and industry peers.

As one of the most trusted Kyle car accident attorneys, Mr. Levine vows to provide you with help every step of the way, which includes:

  • Helping you find the resources for proper medical evaluation and care
  • Procuring key evidence and information in your accident
  • Putting a fair value on your case
  • Working with the insurance company to establish a settlement or move ahead with litigation
  • Help you address temporary transportation needs and property damage
  • And more

It’s important to work with Kyle car accident attorneys that have your best interests at heart and aren’t just out to make money off of your case. While other Kyle car accident lawyers make a habit out of settling, we only do that if it means you are receiving the compensation that you are owed. If not, then we have no trouble heading to court on your behalf.

Let’s get to work putting you on the road to recovery after a car accident. Team up with one of the premier Kyle car accident attorneys in the business.