Some of the most devastating motor vehicle accidents involve semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. The sheer size of these vehicles, as well as the weight, contribute to a number of fatal accidents each year in Texas and across the nation. Here are some statistics on commercial vehicle accidents:

— There were 461 fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles in Texas in 2012.

— There were 526 people killed in those 461 accidents.

— In crashes where injuries occurred that were deemed serious, 3,745 people were seriously injured.

— The total number of all commercial vehicle accidents in 2012, including those with other or unknown injuries, was 26,463.

Victims of truck accidents and the families of those who are killed in truck accidents may find they are confronted with high medical bills, lost wages and other economic losses. Those losses, as well as non-economic losses, may be pursued through a civil lawsuit. Compensation can help a victim with past or future medical bills, temporary or permanent disabilities, emotional trauma and more. Those who have lost a loved one may seek compensation for their relative’s pain and suffering or the loss of a wage earner.

While truck drivers are not at fault in every truck accident, in many cases, they are. Distracted driving, impaired driving or inexperience can all be the cause of a truck accidents. Victims may be able to hold not only the truck driver liable for the crash but also the trucking company, the truck manufacturer or others. An experienced Texas attorney can provide more information to victims of truck accidents on how to seek compensation.

Source: Texas Department of Transportation, “Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Involved Crashes and Injuries by County” Sep. 05, 2014