When it comes to finding the right Hays County motor vehicle accident lawyers, many accident victims have already experienced the scores of benefits that come with teaming up with the Levine Law Firm.

Led by Jeremy Levine, a practicing attorney for over 22 years, our firm proudly stands as a Hays County motor vehicle accident attorney that provides invaluable legal guidance following an auto accident — both for current and potential clients.


We offer free consultations

For potential clients that would like input from experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers in Hays County, we invite you to visit our team. We can provide you with an absolutely free, no-obligation case assessment.

This is a chance for our team to learn more information about your incident and provide you with invaluable feedback that comes with over 20 years of experience as a trusted motor vehicle accident attorney in Hays County.

Mr. Levine can also direct you to a number of programs that provide needed medical services while your case is being resolved — and you don’t have to pay.


Hays County motor vehicle accident lawyers that fight for you

As your Hays County motor vehicle accident attorney, the team at the Levine Law Firm will navigate a potential settlement with the opposing party’s insurance company or else fight your case in court. Our goal is to recover a fair level of compensation that will appropriately match the physical, emotional and financial consequences that you were forced to face as a result of your auto accident.

You can be very cautious out on the road and still be tangled up in an injurious accident. From distracted and drunk drivers to reckless motorists — if you are suffering because of someone else’s poor decisions, make sure to put qualified Hays County motor vehicle accident lawyers in your corner. Call the Levine Law Firm to set up a free consultation.