Truck accidents are all too common in Texas, especially on interstate and state highways. If you or someone you care about was hurt because of the negligence of a trucker or the carelessness of a trucking company, you deserve to understand your rights, and you deserve to be treated with fairness and respect.

Truck accident victims and their families need to know these five things.

Many Truck Accidents Are Caused By Tired Drivers

Many truckers cause serious accidents because they are sleep deprived; the more they drive, the more they get paid. In some cases, trucking companies encourage or pressure drivers to work beyond their capacity to drive safely, sometimes in violation of the law.

Distracted Driving Is A Problem With Commercial Drivers

It’s frightening to think about the driver of a huge 18-wheeler texting, emailing, web surfing, accessing social media or watching videos while driving, but it happens all the time. Distracted driving causes truck accidents, not just crashes involving cars.

Insurance Companies Are Fast, Stubborn And Aggressive

A negligent truck driver’s insurance company will start working on its defense shortly after an accident occurs. If you were hurt by a truck driver, you need your own legal representation from a strong, experienced lawyer — as soon as possible.

You Shouldn’t Accept A Settlement Without Legal Advice

Insurance carriers are in the business of making money. Their job is to minimize claim payouts, not help the people injured by their insureds. We tell our clients not to talk to a negligent party’s insurance company or accept a check without talking to a lawyer first. Lowball offers are the rule, not the exception.

Getting Good Medical Care Is The Most Important Thing

This sounds obvious, but it’s critically important: If you or a loved one was hurt in a collision with a truck, get good, thorough medical care right away. This will help your chances of recovery and protect your case.

Get Your Questions Answered

Every accident case is different. An experienced personal injury attorney can answer your questions about what to do next.