Accidents involving trucks or other large commercial vehicles can be spurred on by a variety of factors, but regardless of what caused them, the Levine Law Firm is a trusted Elgin trucking accident attorney to help you navigate the legal process following your incident.

Jeremy Levine is a trusted Elgin trucking accident lawyer that has an extensive knowledge of the commercial trucking industry and the rules and regulations that govern it. With this knowledge, he is able to identify responsible parties in your accident, assess the full impact of your injuries and recover compensation that will be used to cover expenses like medical bills, long-term care and more.


A trucking accident attorney in Elgin with a strong track record

Jeremy Levine and the Levine Law Firm will get results for you — we’ve done the exact same for a long list of previous clients. We want you to not have to worry about the future and how you are going to pay for mounting medical bills and other expenses.

This is a reality for many folks as trucking accidents can levy serious injuries to victims. These accidents can also be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • A fatigued or distracted driver
  • General driver error
  • Malfunctioning truck components
  • Oversized loads
  • And more

As your Elgin trucking accident attorney, Mr. Levine and his staff will investigate your accident and determine if any of these, or other factors, played a role.

This is crucial information that any Elgin trucking accident lawyer needs to find out in order to build a strong case. We don’t let negligent parties wiggle out of responsibility — we hold them accountable!


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Get answers to your questions following a commercial trucking accident. Our Elgin trucking accident attorney, Mr. Levine, is standing by to offer you a free consultation.