Are you looking specifically for an Elgin construction accident lawyer? The Levine Law Firm is highly experienced in working with men and women from this industry.

As your Elgin construction accident attorney, the Levine Law Firm will help you explore your legal options in the event you are injured on the job. Injuries while on a construction site are unfortunately common. These workers are surrounded by heavy equipment and other types of safety hazards.

When you are injured, a construction accident lawyer in Elgin can work to determine the cause of your accident, find out whether or not it could have been avoided, and select the proper avenue in which to seek needed compensation.

As your construction accident attorney in Elgin, Jeremy Levine and the Levine Law Firm can provide expert assistance with:

  • Navigating the workers’ compensation process. Workers’ compensation insurance is in place to help injured workers — but it isn’t always fair. Some injured workers might be wrongfully denied or undercompensated. It’s important to work with an Elgin construction accident lawyer to make sure you get what is rightfully yours.
  • Applying for disability benefits. If injuries that resulted from your accident are enough to sideline you from working temporarily or even permanently, our team can help you seek federal benefits that ensure you can generate an income.
  • Filing a lawsuit. In some cases, workers’ compensation and disability benefits aren’t enough. As your Elgin construction accident attorney, our team can file a lawsuit against a negligent employer that knowingly put you in harm’s way and caused your injuries.

Just because risk comes as a part of the job for construction workers doesn’t mean you have to let your employer sweep your injuries under the proverbial rug. Make sure your needs are covered by working with the Levine Law Firm as your Elgin construction accident lawyer.