Drunk drivers can claim lives when they drive in an unsafe manner. Fatal drunk driving accidents leave families devastated and communities reeling in disbelief. For the family members who are left behind, taking immediate action can help them to gain closure regarding their loved one’s death. We can help you to learn about the process for seeking compensation to help you cover financial needs.

In the case of a drunk driving crash, you can use information from the police report, arrest report, and other similar documents in your claim for compensation. This information can help to establish that your loved one died in an accident that was the fault of the drunk driver. The driver’s blood-alcohol concentration, for example, can establish that the person was actually intoxicted at the time of the accident.

We can help you to obtain the crucial pieces of evidence that you need to file the personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit that will hold the drunk driver accountable for the accident. While we are working on your case, you can attend to medical needs or funeral services. You can seek the help you need to learn to how to move on with your life. You can help other loved ones cope with the untimely and unexpected tragic death.

In some cases, the drunk driver might face criminal charges for your loved one’s serious injuries or death. This proceeding is separate from the civil wrongful death lawsuit that you file. Still, seeing the person face the criminal justice system might also help you to get the closure that you need.