A 21-year-old man from Dallas, Texas, was arrested for intoxication assault with a vehicle causing serious bodily injury in connection with an accident involving 10 vehicles. The accident occurred on Interstate 35E at the 405 exit.

There were multiple injuries in the truck accident. The care of the injured and the clean-up resulted in the northbound lanes of the interstate being closed for hours.

Initially a helicopter was called to respond to the scene, but it was later cancelled by emergency medical services. Instead, five injured people were transported by ambulance. There was no word on their condition. However, a battalion chief with the Waxahachie Fire Department said that two of the people in a pickup truck had to be extricated from the heavily-damaged vehicle.

The Waxahachie Police Department arrested the defendant in the early afternoon hours of Friday, June 13 for his role in the accident. It was not known if he was one of the injured parties. His bail was set at $60,000.

One of the vehicles damaged in the accident was a semi-truck. A ruptured saddle tank poured 50 to 70 gallons of fuel onto the median and the interstate. That was cleaned up by the Texas Department of Transportation and an environmental clean-up company. There was a call put in to the Commission on Environmental Quality.

Anyone in a vehicle can have his or her life changed in an instant when a traffic accident occurs. The at-fault parties may be charged criminally or they may find themselves named as defendants in a civil suit that seeks compensations for damages. While not every accident will result in a trial, the at-fault drivers do deserve to be held responsible for their actions.

Source:  The Waxahachie Daily Light, “Police arrest Dallas man connected to 10-vehicle accident” Andrew Branca, Jun. 13, 2014