Drivers in Travis, Texas, mostly adhere to traffic laws, pay attention and do everything they can to avoid getting into a car crash. They do this not only to avoid injury to themselves and their passengers, but drivers also want to take reasonable precautions to prevent injury to other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians with whom they share the road. In fact, drivers have a legal responsibility to drive safely and avoid accidents; failure to do so could result in a civil negligence lawsuit and/or criminal prosecution.

Unfortunately, in a recent car crash that happened in Austin, Texas, where Walnut Creek is crossed by Metric Boulevard, it appears that the failure of a driver to be responsible may have resulted in an injurious crash. Last Friday, a man suffered serious injuries when his car went careening off a bridge. Two cars crashed into each other on the bridge, and one of the vehicles flew through a guardrail and fell down to a pedestrian pathway below the bridge.

The man in the car that flew off the bridge is in his 20’s and through an extreme stroke of luck, he survived. However, last reports indicated that his injuries could be life-threatening. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment as soon as emergency responders arrived.

In the wake of this injurious collision, police will seek to determine its cause. If they discover that the accident was caused by another driver’s negligence and/or unlawful behavior, they may choose to pursue criminal charges or a citation against the at-fault party. In injurious accident cases that are blamed on another driver, the injured party may also be able to pursue civil claims in court to hold an at-fault party financially liable for the damages he or she incurred.

Source:, “Man Seriously Injured in Wreck that Sent Car Plunging Off Bridge,” July 23, 2016