Vehicles of all sizes have to share the road and be cognizant of each other. This is especially important when the vehicles are larger, such as buses and commercial trucks. If a driver of either of these vehicles becomes careless, then truck accidentscan occur. Austin readers might have heard about an accident in a nearby town between a dump truck and a school bus that sent over a dozen people to a local hospital.

The accident happened on Sept. 16. Authorities are still piecing things together, but a school bus and a dump truck were involved in a head-on collision on the Interstate 35 access road. The school bus had staff and at least 17 students on board. Fifteen students and one adult on the bus were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The bus driver had to be extricated from the bus wreckage. Her condition is not known at this time. The dump truck driver was not hurt.

The investigation into the accident will most likely consist of reconstructing the accident scene, so investigators can determine who was at fault. Witnesses to the accident will be interviewed, as will both the bus driver and the dump truck driver. All vehicles involved in the accident will be thoroughly inspected, as well. Once the investigation is concluded, authorities will issue citations if that is deemed necessary.

For those who were injured in the accident, knowing whether anyone was at fault for the accident could be a determining factor as to whether pursing a civil case is feasible or not; however, criminal charges or citations are not needed to pursue a civil claim. Whether a party is found to be culpable or not, speaking with a legal professional experienced in these types of personal injury cases can help a person decide if seeking damages is a viable option.

Source: Houston, “17 Students, Staff Hurt In Texas School Bus-Truck Wreck” Associated Press, Sep. 17, 2013