More lawsuits against cruise ship behemoth Carnival have been introduced in Texas court in connection with a failed cruise in February 2013. The plaintiffs in the case, all of whom hail from Texas, are seeking compensation for premises liability after their cruise ship’s systems were disabled because of a fire. The ship was left without electricity, adequate plumbing and even refrigeration, after being left adrift in the middle of the ocean. Carnival is accused of intentionally subjecting passengers to a trip that was likely to end in tragedy.

The passengers say they were continually exposed to hazardous conditions during their five-day sail on the ship. Further, the cruise ship company is accused of failing to act on indicators that mechanical issues existed before embarking on the trip. The same ship had suffered some damage during a voyage just 20 days prior to the trip in question.

The conditions on the ship were admittedly quite horrific. Passengers were exposed to unclean and unsafe conditions, largely because of faulty plumbing systems. They faced a significant risk of contracting a disease or illness under those conditions, according to the suit. Victims in the suit are seeking compensation for a variety of claims, including intentional infliction of emotional distress and general negligence.

Lawsuits in the matter began rolling in just days after the ship docked. At least one suit has been settled, with several others still pending. Large groups of passengers are participating in these legal actions.

Vacationers should not have to suffer through such hazardous conditions because of corporate negligence. A qualified Texas attorney may be able to help victims who have been injured because of a business owner’s negligence. Financial compensation may be obtained for pain and suffering, emotional distress and a variety of other civil claims.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Carnival hit with more suits over failed Triumph cruise” Marilyn Tennissen, Feb. 04, 2014