A car in Texas got onto the wrong side of the highway, briefly driving against traffic, and it ran into two motorcycles that were coming in the opposite direction. Two people were killed in the accident, and five others were injured. The accident happened on a Sunday evening, right near the line between Denton County and Wise County.

The Toyota that caused the accident was initially driving on the proper side of the road, but then swerved across the lines and into the motorcycles. The police are still investigating, and they have said that they have not found a reason for the car to have gotten onto the wrong side of the road.

Two people who were on one of the motorcycles were killed in the accident. The driver died before he could be taken to the hospital, and the passenger later died while receiving care.

Another motorcycle was next to that one in the same lane, and both of the people on it survived, but they were seriously injured. They had to be airlifted from the scene of the crash, and the emergency crew took them to the Medical Center of Plano.

There was a third motorcycle traveling with the group, but that driver was behind the first two. He was able to avoid the crash site after watching the impact in front of him.

A young boy who was in the back of the car was also seriously injured, and he had to be airlifted to Cooke Children’s Medical Center. The other two people in the vehicle, who were both in the front, were transported with injuries to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital.

All motorcyclists should know what their rights are if they suffer from catastrophic injuries after a crash. While they will be grateful to have survived the crash, they may still need assistance with medical bills and other such costs.

Source:  Denton Record-Chroncile, “Two dead, five injured in Sunday evening crash ” No author given, May. 26, 2014