When you are involved in an accident that involves a semi-truck, your first concern is to get medical care. Once you have done that, you might start to wonder exactly what led to the accident.

The cause of the truck accident is something that might prove to be very important, especially if you choose to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. Trucker fatigue is a factor in many semi-truck accidents.

Trucker fatigue is an easy accident factor to correct. Despite the ease of correction, fatigue is the cause of approximately 40 percent of all trucking accidents. That is a very high percentage, especially when you consider the fact that there are laws in place to ensure that truckers are being given ample time to rest and sleep between shifts.

Is all fatigue caused by lack of sleep?

Not all cases of trucker fatigue are caused by lack of sleep. Even if a driver gets ample sleep, he or she might become fatigued because of irregular working hours, night time driving, doing non-driving work, driving long hours and driving in poor conditions. Having to drive when it is hot in the cabin or driving on very familiar roads might lead to fatigue. Some medical conditions, such as diabetes or sleep apnea, can also lead to fatigue.

It is crucial for truckers to ensure they are in the proper physical and mental shape to drive. If they are fatigued and cause an accident, the parties who are injured in the accident might choose to seek compensation.

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