As one of the most seasoned Burnet County car accident attorneys, Jeremy Levine and his staff at the Levine Law Firm welcome you to consult with our team if you have been injured in this type of accident.

Auto accidents are far too common both here in Burnet County and throughout the rest of the state and country. These instances appear to be getting even more prevalent as motorists become easily distracted behind the wheel by their phones and in-car gadgets.

Mr. Levine is one of the leading Burnet County car accident lawyers, specializing in working with men and women who have been injured in auto accidents when someone else’s negligence was to blame.

Car accident attorneys in Burnet County are responsible for highlighting the negligence of other people and parties in an accident in order to hold them legally responsible for the wreck. As a result, your car accident lawyers in Burnet County can then work with insurance companies in an attempt to strike a fair settlement.

What do I do when the insurance company doesn’t offer me the amount of compensation I need?

That’s when Burnet County car accident attorneys come especially in handy. Legal professionals like Mr. Levine can file a lawsuit against the negligent party and their insurance company if settlement talks fall through.

Mr. Levine is one of the few Burnet County car accident lawyers that doesn’t make a habit out of settling. He is out to recover the compensation you are rightfully owed — plain and simple.

Tell us the details surrounding your recent car accident

Our Burnet County car accident attorneys staff welcomes you to partake in a free case evaluation. You can talk to Mr. Levine about your accident and he will provide you with objective, no-nonsense advice on how you can more forward on the path to recovering compensation.