The Levine Law Firm serves the local area as an Buda construction accident lawyer that is there for men and women of this profession when they are injured on the job.

The construction industry is one that is filled with its share of hazards. You may often hear stories about construction workers that are injured while they are on the work site. However, just because this line of work is physically demanding and filled with dangers, doesn’t mean you should ignore your injuries.

As your Buda construction accident attorney, Jeremy Levine of the Levine Law Firm will work with you in the event you are involved in an accident on the job and are injured in the process.

With the help of our team as your construction accident lawyer in Buda, you can pursue compensation that will cover things like medical bills, loss of income and more.

Is your employer to blame?

Too often, construction companies don’t equip their workers with the safety measures they need to stay out of harm’s way. As your construction accident attorney in Buda, our first order of business is to investigate your accident and determine if it could have been avoided.

From there our Buda construction accident lawyer staff will plot out your options for recovering compensation — whether that comes in the form of filing a workers’ compensation claim to a lawsuit against your employer.

An Buda construction accident attorney that goes to bat for you

We don’t want you to ignore the severity of your injuries or have your employer and their insurance company deny you compensation that you are owed. Instead, as your Buda construction accident lawyer, the Levine Law Firm will work closely with you to guide your steps moving forward so that you can handle ensuing legal matters the right way.