Older drivers and high-tech cars are a poor match

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Drivers in Texas and throughout the country log so many miles behind the wheel that driving for many individuals becomes second nature. No one likes to consider the possibility, but an accident with the potential for serious injury or worse is one careless mistake away. Consequently, everyone shares an interest in making automobiles and, therefore, the drivers and passengers who ride in them as safe as possible. However, recent advances may be having just the opposite effect for a segment of the driving public.

The issue of safety was somewhat slow to make its presence felt in the automotive industry. Seat belts, turn signals, padded dashboards and the like were first optional features on cars and then ultimately became mandatory only in the second half of the 20th century. Now automotive experts report veritable flooding of the market with the latest in technology and handy gadgets with seemingly every new vehicle release. Most of it is not mandatory but optional, but the real question becomes whether the use of the technology is beneficial or not.

The answer seems to be no for drivers older than 55. In a recent study, cars equipped with smart features such as navigational controls, voice activation and hands-free dialing options seemed to be more distracting for this age group as compared to younger drivers. Driver distraction has skyrocketed as the leading cause of automobile crashes, and anything that places a driver at risk of diverting his or her attention from the task of safe driving should be avoided.

Despite the equipment a vehicle comes with or is ultimately outfitted with, every person has a duty to drive reasonably and safely under the circumstances. A personal injury lawyer can provide counsel and advice regarding someone's rights and remedies if he or she was involved in an injury auto crash.

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