Is Uber making the roads safer for you?

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It is no secret that drunk driving and drunk drivers are extremely dangerous. In the last few years, ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber have tried to decrease drunk driving and drunk driving-related accidents.

Is it working?

Accident statistics

Theoretically, it makes sense that Uber and Lyft should decrease drunk driving. They offer a safe alternative for people who want to go out for a few drinks every once in a awhile. This should decrease the number of drunk drivers on the road and therefore the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

But is it working? Are people taking advantage of this service?

In short, it depends who you ask.

Some studies determined that the number of crashes in certain New York boroughs have decreased by as much as 35 percent since Uber started in 2011. But some other studies showed now impact on crash statistics during the same time period.

Most scientists and experts said it is too early to decide whether or not ride-sharing services are having a real effect on accidents, especially drunk driving-related accidents. As more people start to use the services, there will be more research to support the claims that they will make the roads safer.

What does this mean?

Drunk driving may or may not have decreased in the last eight or so years. Because of this, you probably cannot afford to be less cautious when driving late and around bar closing time.

If you find yourself driving during times that see a lot of drunk drivers, be sure to stay extra vigilant. Watch for people who may be driving slower than they are supposed to or swerving through the lanes.

Drunk driving may eventually be less of a problem, but for now, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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