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NHTSA ignores pleas to mandate safety tech for large trucks

Truck safety groups have long been advocating for the use of forward collision warning and mitigation systems. Truckers in Texas should know that these features can alert them to any impending crashes with stationary or slow-moving objects. Combined with automatic emergency braking, which apply the brakes when drivers fail to do so in time, the system can prevent possibly thousands of rear-end accidents.

AAA warns against drowsy driving after daylight saving time

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is cautioning drivers about the effects of losing one hour of sleep in the wake of daylight saving time. In Texas, as elsewhere, many accidents arise because drivers do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep each night. AAA states that missing one or two hours in a 24-hour period can actually double a driver's risk for getting into an accident.

Can you prevent a drunk driving accident?

You know how dangerous drunk driving is and you constantly warn your children about the consequences. You and your kids know to never get behind the wheel while intoxicated, but other people are not as smart. While you may take every precaution to prevent drunk driving from your end, you cannot control what other people do. You and your kids could still be at risk of getting into an accident caused by a drunk driver.

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