Opioid abuse and fatal car crashes

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A recent U.S. study illuminated some noteworthy facts about two-car car crashes that lead to fatalities. The study showed how this nation's opioid epidemic is having far-reaching consequences. According to the study, at-fault drivers were twice as likely to test positive for opioids than their victims. Failure to stay in the proper lane was the most common deadly error committed by drugged drivers. Because each avoidable fatal crash creates enormous expense for society, public officials have little choice but to vigorously address the ongoing epidemic of drugged driving.

Driver negligence is a huge factor contributing to and causing fatal road accidents in modern life. When negligence is combined with substance use, the resultant automotive accidents can be particularly gruesome. Whether a person uses legal or illicit drugs before hitting the road, driver impairment can turn any highway into a veritable death trap for unsuspecting victims.

When weather conditions lead to dangerous road conditions, it takes alertness and reflexes to respond appropriately. People impaired by drugs or alcohol lack the ability to react to hazards in a timely manner. The scourge of impaired driving is one of many human-created problems helping spur the development of automated, self-driving vehicles.

When injuries are caused by defective automobiles, vehicle manufacturers may bear financial responsibility. By the same token, makers of defective parts might be held to task if their parts are shown to have caused injurious accidents. When driver recklessness leads to injury, the injured victim has every right to seek redress through civil court proceedings. Victims are often left with shattered lives, massive medical bills and loss of work. By contacting an attorney with great credentials, a victim might take heart and have the self-assurance to move forward and seek justice.

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