Your teen shouldn’t post about their car accident on social media

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Many drivers experience a collision at some point after getting their license. But as a parent of a teen driver, did you know that your kid’s social media accounts might be part of an investigation after a car accident? Insurers or investigators could use social media posts to establish your teen driver’s liability.

It is common knowledge that the use of electronic communications devices behind the wheel is unsafe. That said, even if your teen wasn’t updating a social media account at the time of the accident, they might not be off the hook for damages caused.

What does social media have to do with a car crash?

The use of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram may not be directly related to a motor vehicle accident. However, an investigation into a driver’s social media accounts could factor into a dispute. With your parental right, and some experts argue the responsibility, to monitor your teen’s online networking activities, you could help protect your teen after a wreck.

At the same time, social media posts from the other driver involved in your teen’s incident may be helpful to a judge, law enforcement officer or insurance adjuster when determining fault. Depending on the circumstances, this could affect financial recovery.

3 ways social media can affect an accident settlement

Many teens believe social media is a harmless, fun way to connect with friends. But, in some circumstances it can lead to trouble. A social media investigation may be helpful in making a case against a driver by raising questions about:

  • Negligence – Something as seemingly simple as a tweet about bad brakes could be troublesome.
  • Alcohol or drug use – An investigator may search through photos looking for certain exhibited behaviors.
  • Reliability – A social media investigation can help shed light on a person’s character. It can also help determine the validity of some statements made about an incident.

As your teen begins driving, it’s good to remind them about not only their safety behind the wheel, but also the potential consequences of using social media. Even if your son or daughter does not use their cellphone for posting from the driver’s seat, you can make them aware of other scenarios which could be problematic if not handled wisely.

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