Avoiding aggression behind the wheel over the holidays

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The holidays see a lot of traffic. They also may see a lot of aggressive driving. This is what a recent GasBuddy study suggests.

In the study, GasBuddy looked at smartphone driving app data covering the Thanksgiving holiday period. This data covered millions of U.S. drivers. This data was reviewed to estimate how common aggressive conduct was among drivers over this period. This includes conduct such as speeding, hard braking and quick accelerating.

Among the things the study’s findings suggest regarding aggressive behavior by drivers over the holidays are that:

  • Driver aggression may be significantly up over the holidays: The study found that drivers were 175 percent more aggressive than normal over the Thanksgiving holiday period.
  • Driver aggression may tend to peak at the front end of a holiday period: The early part of the Thanksgiving holiday period saw the most aggressive conduct by drivers, according to the study.
  • Holiday driving aggression may be particularly high here in Texas: The study found that Texas had the nation’s third highest rate of aggressive driver conduct for the holidays.

How common aggressive driving is is a very impactful issue. For one, aggressive driving can have economic impacts for drivers, as it can hurt gas mileage. It also can create major traffic safety problems. Aggressive driving is among the types of driving behavior that can lead to crashes.

The potential for the risk of aggressive driving to be up over the holidays is an important thing for drivers to keep in mind with the Christmas and New Year’s holiday periods on the horizon. As drivers get ready to begin their holiday travels, it can be important for them to remind themselves of the importance of staying calm and patient behind the wheel during such travels and not falling to the temptation to engage in unsafe aggressive conduct when driving. Avoiding aggressive driving is one of the big steps drivers can take towards keeping things safe on the roads over the holidays.

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