Speeding or DUI, which is more Dangerous? You may be surprised

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There is no doubt that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can easily be the cause of extreme injuries and even deaths out on the road. But do you think the same way when it comes to speeding? Do you think of speeding as something that is as dangerous as DUI? If not, maybe you should. Reports now find that speeding is just as dangerous as DUI.

These findings by the National Transportation Safety Board looked at a recent 10-year period and noticed that nearly the same amount of people across the country died from speeding as did from DUI related crashes. The report showed that while incidents of people driving while intoxicated has been decreasing, people are still on average driving over the speed limit by seven or eight miles per hour.

How speeding increases chance of a fatal crash

When someone is speeding out on the road, their speed not only increases the chance for a crash, but it also makes the chance for injury or death more susceptible. A speeding car has a reduced time to react or make evasive maneuvers when confronted with a dangerous situation. This happens when traffic ahead suddenly comes to a stop, there is an object on the road or another driver suddenly appears in front of the speeding car. Speeding is also dangerous in inclement weather when the road is slippery. When a speeding car impacts another vehicle at high speed, the resulting injuries are usually more severe than a collision at slower speeds.

Speeding is not only affecting those who are behind the wheel. Drivers who speed are also causing the deaths of pedestrians, motorcyclists and bikers.

Texas well represented in states with most car crashes

In 2017, there were 40,100 traffic fatalities and 4.5 million accidents that required medical attention in the United States. Out of the top 10 cities with the most traffic deaths last year, three were from Texas. Just the cities of Dallas, San Antonio and Houston made up 593 of those fatalities. Speeding was listed as one of the biggest factors that contributed to the overall number of deaths.

If you were somebody who thought that a little extra speed was not such a big deal, maybe your mind has now changed. Speeding out on the roads may not have the same type of social negativity that DUI does, but it can be as dangerous.

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