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How distracted driving fault is determined

It can be easy to get distracted while behind the wheel, as distracted driving encompasses much more than texting. One can find themselves distracted by another passenger, reaching to grab something from the back seat, watching something outside the vehicle or even attempting to choose a radio station.

Distracted driving is so much more than just texting

When we hear the phrase "distracted driving," we likely think of a driver looking down at his or her phone, reading or sending a text message. While a large portion of distracted drivers are indeed texting, there are many other activities that can be just as distracting - and just as dangerous - that don't involve text messaging.

Speeding or DUI, which is more Dangerous? You may be surprised

There is no doubt that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can easily be the cause of extreme injuries and even deaths out on the road. But do you think the same way when it comes to speeding? Do you think of speeding as something that is as dangerous as DUI? If not, maybe you should. Reports now find that speeding is just as dangerous as DUI.

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