Why schools become popular distracted driving accident sites

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As the summer starts coming to a close, many Austin children are preparing to go back to school. Since there are more buses and cars occupying highways in the morning and early afternoon, there are also more chances of a distracted driving accident.

Last year, Travis County was one of the leading areas of distracted driving in Texas. If you want your child to be safe from these incidents once they have to go back to their classes, you should be aware of the potential dangers in school zones that could lead to a distracted driving accident.

New drivers on the road

If your child goes to a high school or a facility that hosts all grades, many Texas students will begin their first years driving to school on their own. While their inexperience can be dangerous enough by itself, teenagers are also becoming increasingly addicted to their cellular phones and may have a hard time putting it down in the car. If your kid is one of these new motorists in Austin, you need to have a proper talk with them on driving etiquette. You might want to go with them during their first couple of attempts to help instill that safe mentality within them.

Children avoiding the crosswalks

Some kids prefer to walk or bike to school if they are close enough. It’s nice for them to get some exercise and for you to save money on your gas, but they might not be completely familiar with road safety. In 2016, nearly one out of every five children that were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. A large portion of these deaths happen at non-intersections, so you need to teach your children how to navigate the roads and crosswalks because distracted drivers will have even less time to react if your kids avoid using them.

School zone speed limits are ignored

Even if certain distracted drivers do not get into many crashes, they have a feel of how the road functions during the summer. Once the school year starts, several areas will have the speed limit significantly reduced to ensure the safety of nearby students. However, many distracted drivers will not be accustomed to that at the beginning of September and could speed past the warning sign, placing the person in front of them at risk for a serious crash.

While you can try to prepare your kids with as much safety advice as you can, some distracted drivers can be too difficult to avoid. If you or your kid were injured by one of these negligent motorists at the start of the school year, you should pursue legal action against the culprit to receive coverage of any damages or injuries received.

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