Safety matters for semi truck drivers and trucking companies

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Improper semi truck maintenance is one possible cause of trucking accidents. More than five years ago, the Carrier, Safety, Accountability program began monitoring the safety of semi trucks by keeping track of violations. The information is collected by crash data and roadside inspections. The data is then attached to the driver and the trucking company, so both are held accountable.

The program has made motor carriers rethink how they handle business for a few different reasons. One of these is that the companies need to hold on to drivers who are safety conscious. Drivers who are safety conscious aren't likely going to hang around with an employer who is trying to skimp on maintenance and other points that are considered for CSA because of the hits to their safety standing.

Motor carriers are also trying to push harder for proper maintenance to be done on their semi trucks. It is important that during the maintenance process everyone is held accountable for the duties they are supposed to perform and do perform on these trucks.

Preventative maintenance and safety inspections help the motor carrier's bottom line since they help to ensure the vehicles are cared for properly and can last as long as possible. This is also important since a disabled semi truck can be a hazard that cause accidents.

Some models of semi trucks come with remote diagnostics to monitor around 1,250 faults. If one of the 117 critical fault, each of which can cause a breakdown, is found, an email is sent about the issue. The driver would also be notified in the cab of the vehicle so a repair plan can be initiated.

The safety record of the motor carrier and driver are considerations when you are involved in an accident with a semi truck and opt to seek compensation.

Source:, "The Modern Maintenance Manager: Safety Matters," David Cullen, accessed Sep. 22, 2016

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