Austin Marathon Collision Illustrates Criminal and Civil Sides of Injury Accidents

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In many cases, car accidents that result in injuries also result in traffic citations and criminal charges. These are in addition to any civil injury claims brought by the victims.

A negligent driver does not have to be convicted of a crime or a traffic offense in order for an accident victim to pursue compensation for injuries, although the findings of a police investigation and a subsequent conviction can strengthen a personal injury claim.

A recent pedestrian accident during the Austin Marathon illustrates the possible civil and criminal sides of a car wreck that causes injuries.

Recently, while running in the marked-off runners' lane of the Austin Marathon, a Pflugerville woman was hit from behind by a car. She said the collision caused her head to strike the hood of the vehicle before she fell to the pavement.

The woman's injuries were said to be minor -- neck strain, bruises and a concussion -- although she told the Austin American-Statesman that the crash has left her with soreness and headaches. She was reportedly hospitalized for a short time and then released.

The woman whose vehicle hit the runner stayed on the scene after the accident. The driver has now been cited for two violations: disregarding a peace officer's order and disregarding a barricade. Regardless of whether the driver is convicted of those offenses, the victim still has a right to pursue compensation for medical bills and other costs resulting from the collision.

In addition to the police report, a thorough independent investigation can help maximize the compensation owed to an accident victim.

Not every personal injury claim goes to trial, but making the claim trial-ready is the surest way to achieve optimal results. At The Levine Law Firm, we make personal injury claims trial-ready by helping our clients get the medical care they need, obtaining police reports, conducting thorough accident investigations, continually monitoring our clients' health and well-being, and gathering all of the related medical evidence in order to fully and accurately assess the value of the claim.

These evidentiary materials are then organized and assembled in a package that is sent to the insurance company. If the case goes to trial, then we are fully prepared to litigate.

If you have been injured in a car wreck in Texas, then don't assume that the insurance company will automatically provide you with the maximum in available compensation, even if the other driver is convicted of a criminal offense. The reality is that insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and often that means reducing and even denying legitimate injury claims.

For more on protecting the rights of accident victims, please see The Levine Law Firm's personal injury overview.

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