Commercial vehicle accidents a statewide problem in Texas

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It often seems that the more technology we acquire, the more vehicles we need to deliver new products to the public. Tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles continue to make up a large portion of the traffic on Texas roadways, and as such, present a growing threat to public safety. As our nation's workforce continues to produce the products residents rely on, ways to address the hazards these commercial vehicles present becomes more important than ever.

According to figures provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 33,000 accidents involving commercial vehicles occurred in 2014. Travis County alone experienced over 550 commercial vehicle accidents last year. It is undeniable that Texas needs commercial vehicles to transport products and to perform valuable services, but the danger these motor vehicles represent is also undeniable.

Here is a brief breakdown of commercial vehicle accidents that occurred in Texas in 2014:

-- Statewide fatalities: 588-- Statewide incapacitating injuries: 1,522-- Statewide non-incapacitating injuries: 4,619-- Travis County fatalities: 9-- Travis County incapacitating injuries: 35-- Travis County non-incapacitating injuries: 150

Further, the Texas DOT also lists possible injuries due to commercial vehicle accidents for Travis County at 207. Statewide, the figure for possible injuries grows to 7,685. These numbers reveal the very real danger associated with sharing our roads with commercial vehicles.

Of course, Texas citizens can reduce their risk of being involved in commercial vehicle accidents by practicing safe driving and being respectful of large trucks on the road. Commercial vehicle crashes probably will not go away, but injured victims have a great chance of acquiring compensation for injuries or property damage through the Texas justice system.

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