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Distracted driving is so much more than just texting

When we hear the phrase "distracted driving," we likely think of a driver looking down at his or her phone, reading or sending a text message. While a large portion of distracted drivers are indeed texting, there are many other activities that can be just as distracting - and just as dangerous - that don't involve text messaging.

It is true that texting in particular is inherently dangerous because it involves three distinct levels of distraction: cognitive (your mind is focusing on the content of the message), visual (your eyes move away from the road to look at the screen) and manual (your hands come off the wheel to type in a response), but this isn't to say that it is the only dangerous behind the wheel distraction.

Speeding or DUI, which is more Dangerous? You may be surprised

There is no doubt that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can easily be the cause of extreme injuries and even deaths out on the road. But do you think the same way when it comes to speeding? Do you think of speeding as something that is as dangerous as DUI? If not, maybe you should. Reports now find that speeding is just as dangerous as DUI.

These findings by the National Transportation Safety Board looked at a recent 10-year period and noticed that nearly the same amount of people across the country died from speeding as did from DUI related crashes. The report showed that while incidents of people driving while intoxicated has been decreasing, people are still on average driving over the speed limit by seven or eight miles per hour.

Headed out on the road for Labor Day weekend? Think again.

The chances for an accident increase when more cars are on the road, but the chances increase exponentially during the summer months. Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and everyone is headed out of town to enjoy the nice weather and the three-day weekend.

Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day are summer holidays with some of the highest crash fatality rates. Findings show that this upcoming holiday weekend is one of the most deadly.

Why schools become popular distracted driving accident sites

As the summer starts coming to a close, many Austin children are preparing to go back to school. Since there are more buses and cars occupying highways in the morning and early afternoon, there are also more chances of a distracted driving accident.

Last year, Travis County was one of the leading areas of distracted driving in Texas. If you want your child to be safe from these incidents once they have to go back to their classes, you should be aware of the potential dangers in school zones that could lead to a distracted driving accident.

Can you avoid drowsy drivers?

When Texans operate a vehicle without proper sleep, they endanger other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Like drinking and driving, texting, changing radio stations and other distracted driving behaviors, drowsy drivers have delayed reaction times and erratic actions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that drowsy drivers caused 72,000 car accidents and 800 deaths in just a one-year span. While you may safely avoid driving while tired, you are still vulnerable to other drowsy drivers on the road. Can Texans avoid drowsy drivers?

How will automated vehicles affect drunk driving?

Every day, too many people die in an alcohol-related car crash in the United States. Although there are alternatives to driving while drunk, people do it anyway. Cost could play a part in this. Not everyone can afford an Uber to get home.

Drunk driving puts your life and others at risk of injury, or death. As self-driving cars become the talk of new technology, could they be what we need to eradicate drunk driving once and for all?

Is your GPS making your drive dangerous?

Global positioning systems (GPS) have become a standard part of driving for many Texans. Whether it is built into your car, or accessed through your smartphone, GPS has replaced our dependence on physical maps.

Some GPS systems can respond to changing traffic patterns, notify users of accidents and provide alternative routes when necessary. While there are many benefits to using GPS, they may also endanger your health. Learn how.

Pedestrians still at risk in Austin

If you encounter a car as a pedestrian, you’ll almost certainly lose. Even relatively low-speed collisions can cause internal injuries, broken bones or even death. While the city of Austin has been trying to cut down on car accidents and the resulting injuries, the streets remain dangerous for pedestrians. If you’re on foot near a roadway, you have to stay incredibly alert.

Is driving with kids dangerously distracting?

Most Texas drivers know that operating a vehicle while distracted can be dangerous. If asked to list distractions, respondents might mention texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking or changing the radio dial. Most drivers fail to consider that driving with their children may be just as distracting, or even more so.

How distracting are your children, and what can you do to increase your driving safety?

Keep your teen driver safe and avoid these common misconceptions

Putting your teen behind the wheel can be a scary moment. You feel like you prepared your teen for driving on his or her own, but you are still worried about safety. Worrying is understandable. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), for each mile driven the fatality rate for 16-19-year-olds is 3 times as high as for those 20 years and older in the U.S.

You may be wondering how to keep your teen safe on the road. Below are some common myths some parents have about teenage drivers. Make sure you do not have any of these misconceptions.

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